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Product Detail
Hot Melt Glue OPP Labeling Machine
Product Detail


1.Suitable for labelinglabels made of material like OPP, paper-plastic composite film,paper label etcin the industry of detergent, beverages, bottled water, food etc

2.Apply to label differentshape of bottles such round, square,oval,conial of PET,glass, aluminum bottle.

3.Full automatic high speedlabeling procedures instead of inefficiency labeling way by manual, enhancingthe producing efficiency thereby increasing the competitiveness of products

4.Adopt new typeEnvironmental OPP film material to save more than 30% cost reduction. Inaddition, using environmental materials is a development trend in the packingindustry.

5.Adopts for advanced gluingtechnology, combining the features of environmental hot-melt glue to achievethe perfect gluing labeling effect; Gluing on label closing edge, max reducingthe usage of glue, save cost.

6.Because of usingnon-shrinking label so there is no transformation for the printing pattern onlabel after labeling.Equipment dispense with heat shrinkable furnace processsuch as high energy consumption, so as to achieve the energy saving.

7.Humanization touch screen,simple operation and intuitive, fully functional, with a wealth of on-line helpfunction

8.Using German high-speedservomotor and controller for label feeding system to make sure high-speedof  accuracy& stable label cuttingand feeding

9.The main motor adopts forultra power imported motor, guarantee stability and operation for the runningof machine

10.Use German color labeldetection sensor, improves the standard accuracy

11.Perfect running protectionsystem can realize the alarm of stop such as lack of label, missing bottles,bottle jam,temperature detection, lack of air pressure shutdown alarm.

12..As a result ofpositioning rotary mold labeling methods to ensure the accuracy and stabilityof the sealing labeling

13.Equipment reserved onlineinterface function to facilitate production and other devices on-line.


Power supply

Three-phase 380V 50 Hz 8000W

Machine dimensions

3000mm×2500mmcan be  adjusted by customer requirements

Method of speed adjustment:

uninterrupted - adjust rate

Max Speed of labels feed

maximum speed of 150 meters labels / min

Labeling accuracy

± 0.5mm

Maximum label width

150mm(standard width, can be adjusted )

The maximum length 500mm

The maximum diameter of label


Paper core diameter

152 mm

Labeling glue

leading and trailing edge gluing with hot  melt  

Gluing temperature::


Labeling type for products

suitable for round or square containers  made of plastic, metal, glass

Type of label

opp label  paper-plastic composite film label paper  labe

Diameter  of container


Machine  weight

Approx  3000 Kg

labeling  stations

OPP200:  12-stations 12000BPH
OPP300: 16-stations 18000BPH
OPP400: 20-stations 24000BPH